Funding North West Property Developers

We like property developers.

There, we’ve said it.

Everything from small sub £500k schemes up to £10m development projects all over the UK but, as a private lender, we particularly like funding property developments in the North West.

Our UHNW founders have a tremendous track record in delivering quality housing and industrial projects themselves, so naturally their expertise lends itself well to the type of funding we offer here at Stretton Capital.

Property developers are the lifeblood of our business. Whether that is through a broker or other professional intermediary or directly to us, we want to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with property developers.

Our service is what you would expect of an experienced and knowledgeable funder:

Quick. Fuss free. Decisive and most of all, a common sense approach to all lending decisions.

We can fund everything from a small conversion of a commercial building into residential dwelling right up to a large housing estate.

In terms of what we can lend up to, we are quite comfortable at 65% of the valuation figure and up to 65% of the GDV.